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This section will provide you with the following information:

Car Arrival Procedures 
PreK & K Car Arrival Procedures
1st Grade & 2nd Grade Car Arrival Procedures

Car Dismissal Procedures
PreK & K Car Dismissal Procedures
1st Grade & 2nd Grade Car Dismissal Procedures

School Bus Transportation

Riding a bus is a privilege for students and helpful for parents. Our goal is to ensure that all school buses provide safe transportation to and from school. Since safety is a priority on a school bus, misbehavior cannot be allowed and will result in disciplinary action. This disciplinary action most often involves removal from the bus for a period of time. When a student is removed from the bus due to bus misbehavior, it is the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation to school. Tardies and absences due to bus suspension are unexcused. Whenever a child is suspended from the bus, it is important to become familiar with car drop-off and pick-up times and procedures, which can be found in this handbook. To gain access to bus transportation, bus forms must be completed and approved in the Parent Portal.

For accurate up-to-date information on stop times, scan the QR code and follow the directions on the website.

WPS Transportation QR Code

South Carolina Laws and Regulations Governing Routing and Bus Stops: 

  • Bus stops must be two-tenths of a mile or more apart.  
  • Students in third grade and below must have an adult at the stop. If no adult is present, the student may be returned to the school.
  • Students living one and a half miles or more from the school qualify for transportation service. 
  • Students who qualify for transportation service must travel no more than three tenths of a mile over publicly maintained streets to the nearest designated stop. 
  • Routine changes will not be permitted over the phone.
  • Routes or regular stops shall never change except in an emergency or detour. 
  • Buses stop at designated stops ONLY!!!! 

Safety Rules for Bus: 

Riders: At the Bus Stop 

●          Be on time. 
●          Stay off the road while you are waiting for the bus. 
●          Do not move toward the bus door until the bus has come to a complete stop.  
●          Watch the bus driver and wait until the driver has signaled you to approach the bus. 
●          Students may only ride their assigned bus.

RIDERS: On the Bus 

●          Follow school rules of behavior. 
●          Follow your bus driver’s directions, and never distract the driver. 
●          Keep your hands, feet, arms, legs, and all objects to yourself and inside the bus. 
●          Keep aisles clear at all times. 
●          Stay in your assigned seat while you are on the bus. 
●          Do not eat or drink on the bus. Students may drink water.
●          Keep the bus clean and undamaged. 
●          Do not tamper with emergency exits or any other bus equipment. 
●          Do not wave or make rude gestures to pedestrians or occupants of other vehicles. 
●          Exit only at your own bus stop. 

 Riders: After Leaving the Bus  

●          Stay at least 12 feet from the bus at all times. 
●          When you are crossing in front of the bus, always wait 12 feet from the bus at the side of the road and wait for the bus driver’s signal.  


Transportation Director's Contact Information

Bryan Ard
(864) 476-3158