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Reading Websites

This is a site that will take you to a listing of authors, divided alphabetically.
If there is a particular author that you are wanting to find, locate that person by their last name and click on it.
There are many sites that have fun activities that you can do that relate to the author's books.
This site gives information about picture books. It has a lot of interactive material, especially from an illustrator's viewpoint.
If you child is interested in art, they should benefit from this site.
Traditional Literature has a description of 15 types of stories with examples titles.
If you need to know the difference between a fable and a fairy tale, this has all the information to help you.
Patricia Polacco is a favorite author of several of our students as well as some teachers.
Her life has had a great influence on her writing.
Use this link to learn more about her and make her books even more meaningful and have some fun.
If you are looking for a good "learn to type" program for elementary school students, this is one that has been recommended to me.
It's free and kids love it.
Read aloud stories. There is a free trial, but a subscription costs around $65.
Great site for award book titles.
April is National Humor Month. If your child enjoys jokes, try this site.
Another joke site for National Humor Month
This site has monthly reading calendars that have daily activities related to reading.
Read aloud stories.
Games and activities relating to the Polar Express
This site gives children activities from the Highlights Magazine. There are lots of puzzles and games.
It also has a read aloud section.
This is a great site for all grades to help with keyboard and mouse manipulation while playing games and drawing pictures.
Suggested reading list for our students.
Richland County Public Library
Suggested reading list for our students.
Suggested reading list for our students.
Suggested reading list for our students.
Suggested reading list for our students.
Read alouds for kids.
Note: Some of these read alouds for kids are downloadable MP3files, some are podcasts, and some livestream from the web site.
Read alouds for kids.