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Questions for the Librarian

1.  How many books may I check out?
4K: 1
5K:  1
1st :  2
2nd :  3  
2. May I still check out if I have an overdue book on my account?
No, you may not check out any additional books until the overdue book is returned to the library.  
3.  Are there overdue fines?
No, there are no overdue fines, but if you lose a book, you have to pay for it.  
4. How many times may I renew a book?  For how long is it renewed?
You may renew a book once for one additional week, if it is not a popular book like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  
5.  When is my book marked due?
Your book is MARKED due after 4 days, but it is really due when you return to the library the following week.  It is marked this way so that overdue notices are easier to generate and print.  
6. What happens if I tear off a barcode or a if barcode gets torn off while I have the book checked out?
If a barcode is torn off while the book is checked out to you, then you must pay $1.00 to pay for the replacement barcode before you can check out any additional books.  
7.  What happens if I lose a book or damage it so much that it cannot be used by someone else?
You must pay for the book if you lose it or damage it beyond repair and use.  The price of the book can be found on an overdue notice.  If damages are minor, then you will be charged a small fee for the damage.
8.  How much do I pay if I damage a book? 

Fines will be charged as follows:

Barcode or label missing: $1.00 per label
Book damaged beyond use: cost of book
Page torn out and missing: cost of book
Book damaged by water: cost of book
Pages torn, book written in or colored on: $2.00