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South Carolina Science standards can be accessed using this link:

Kindergarten Topics:
The three core areas of the kindergarten standards include:
  • Exploring Organisms and the Environment
  • Exploring Weather Patterns
  • Exploring Properties of Objects and Materials

First Grade Topics:

The four core areas of the grade one standards include:
  • Exploring Light and Shadows
  • Exploring the Sun and Moon
  • Earth's Natural Resources
  • Plants and Their Environments

Second Grade Topics:

The four core areas of the grade two standards include:
  • Weather
  • Properties of Solids and Liquids
  • Exploring Pushes and Pulls
  • Animals and Their Environments

These links contain ideas for science fair projects:
Colors and Light
Comparing Light Bulbs
Decaying Food
Energy for Life
Hot Ice
Magnets and Heat
Melting Ice
Recycled or New
Salty Ice Cubes
Saving Hot Water
Sprouting Seeds
Static Power
Sun or Shade
Changing Colors
Water Maker

2016 Science Fair Projects Video