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Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive classroom management program and social-emotional curriculum developed by Dr. Becky Bailey. It is based on brain research and child development. More information about this program may be found at

Parts of this classroom management program are used by many teachers at Woodruff Primary School. We are continuing our professional study of Dr. Bailey's work and are becoming more conscious and purposeful in our
interactions with young children.

1. The best exercise for the brain is exercise.
Application: Young children need to move. They cannot sit for long periods of time. We try to incorporate lots of music and movement throughout the day.
2. The brain is pattern-seeking and survival oriented.
Application: Young children feel safe with a dependable schedule. We call that the daily routine. In preschool and kindergarten, the daily routine is posted with pictures and words so that our children can know what to expect.
3. Connections on the outside with others build connections on the inside of the brain. Application: We build connections through rituals. We perform several school wide rituals, such as the School Family Celebration (once per month), the Pledge of Allegiance (recited daily), and the School Promise (recited daily). In addition, classrooms have their own rituals to help children connect with their classroom families.
4. The brain functions optimally when the child feels safe.
Application: We connect school rules to safety. When children are upset, we reassure them that they are safe. They understand that the adults' roles are to keep children safe. The children's roles are to help keep it that way.

1. Composure
2. Encouragement
3. Assertiveness
4. Choices
5. Positive Intent
6. Empathy
7. Consequences

Composure: When a child feels stress, frustration, or anger, help him be a
S - Stop
T - Take a Deep Breath
A - And
R - Relax

(Take a deep breath through your nose like you are trying to smell flowers. Slowly release the breath through your mouth like you are trying to blow out birthday candles. Remember to do this very slowly.)

SCHOOL FAMILY CELEBRATIONS: We hold School Family Celebrations once per month to celebrate being a member of the Woodruff Primary School Family. We do lots of things at our School Family Celebrations, such as singing songs, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, saying our School Promise, laughing at "Woody Bear", celebrating achievements, and recognizing birthdays. This time helps us to remember that we are all members of the WPS Family.

I come to school to learn.
I promise to do my best.
I promise to be safe.