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Guidance & Counseling


Guidance & Counseling

Hello!  My name is Mrs. Nicole Sheffield, and I am the school counselor at Woodruff Primary School.  As the school counselor, I like to talk to boys and girls about their problems.  You can visit me yourself, with friends, and with your class.  There are lots of things to do in the counselor’s room!

…You can talk about things that are important to you. 

…You can play games that help you learn about yourself.  

…You can just sit and think if you want to. 

What is Classroom Guidance?

I visit each classroom, preschool - second grade, throughout the school year.  Students learn about feelings, helping others, and how to get along with others.

Talking with the School Counselor

I also like to talk with your parents and your teachers about how you get along with others, how you get along with your school work, and about you as a special person.  Everyone is invited to visit the guidance room any time you have a concern.

What is Small Group Counseling?

Small group counseling can be instructional (example: learning to study effectively) or supportive (example: dealing with the loss of a loved one).  They also allow students a chance to belong, a chance to express themselves, and a chance to benefit from the support of group members.  Students can only participate if they wish to and with parent consent.  Some possible small groups for this school year are…friendship, anger management, grief and loss, school success skills, and self-concept.  The rules of confidentiality apply to small groups and individual counseling. (When a student comes to see me, what we discuss is kept confidential unless she/he is being hurt.)

What is Individual Counseling?

I work with students individually for a number of problems a student might present, such as friendship issues, difficulty in the classroom, on the playground, or on the bus, conflict resolution, new student orientation, difficulty coming to school, anger management, to name a few. Referrals for students to meet with a school counselor can be made by classroom teachers or other school staff (i.e., school nurse or principal), by parents, or through student self-referrals (yes, even at the primary level!).  The primary focus of school counseling and guidance programs at the elementary level is prevention. My goal is to help students develop more positive interpersonal and intrapersonal skills... assisting them in becoming happier, more effective individuals and learners. My school counseling and guidance program is for every student at WPS; therefore, my services are designed to reach every student through developmental, preventative education, and responsive services.