For Parents

We will have several ways that your children can be motivated to read this
year.  You might want to talk with your child and your child's teacher to
determine which way that you think would work great for your child. 
Students can participate in any or all programs.

We will continue with the Accelerated Reader Program, a computerized program
that allows students to read on their level and take quizzes after they read
a book. 

Book-It is a program sponsored by Pizza Hut that rewards students with a
personal pan pizza if they read a certain number of books.  This number is
determined by goals set in your child's classroom.  A Preschool Book-It
Program will begin later in the year.

SC Picture Book Award books are on the train for students to check out.  

Overdue Notices:  Please be aware that the due date on your child's overdue notices will not reflect the next day that he/she will return to the library.  These dates are set earlier so that if a child does not return a book, we will be able to print an "overdue" notice.  If we set the date to return a book on the day that a child returns to the library, the book is not "overdue" and we cannot print a notice to go home wtih the child.  This enables you to know the title of the book so that you can help your child find and return it promptly.