Woodruff Leisure Center

Woodruff Leisure Center

The Woodruff Leisure Center offers many programs for children in the Woodruff Community, such as karate classes, piano classes, cheerleading, basketball leagues, and a nationally recognized Afterschool Youth Club. Children may ride a school bus from Woodruff Primary to the Woodruff Leisure Center. The bus delivers straight to the Woodruff Leisure Center before returning to school to pick up a regular route. Upon registering for the after-school program, the parent would need to send a note to the child's teacher to let her know that the child will be riding the bus to the Woodruff Leisure Center every afternoon.

Full day summer camps and a playground program are also offered allowing children to enjoy the facility year round. For specific classes, please go to the Woodruff Leisure Center web site at http://www.spartanburgparks.org/rec-centers/woodruff-leisure-center.php

The Woodruff Leisure Center is located at 550 Cavins Rd., Woodruff SC

Nationally Recognized After School Youth Club

  • Monday-Friday 2:30-5:30 PM
  • In district residents $35 per week per participant.
  • Open all day on teacher work days and most school holidays.


Contact Information:
Josh Garrison, Woodruff Leisure Center Manager  

(864) 476-7967 (Phone)