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Mary Black Foundation

WPS has been awarded the prestigious Mary Black Foundation Community Champion Award for Early Childhood Development. This award is designed to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations working to improve the early care and education of children ages birth to five in Spartanburg County. WPS was identified as being instrumental in the following areas:

• Raising awareness about the importance of quality early care and education for young children.

• Increasing the quality of care and education of children ages birth to five.

• Working with parents of young children to enhance early childhood development. 

In their announcement of the award, the Mary Black Foundation stated:

"Woodruff Primary School is the only school in Spartanburg County that offers full-day kindergarten to all of its four year olds.

Woodruff Primary and District Four's commitment to providing full-day, 4 year old kindergarten gives over 150 children in Southern Spartanburg County the advantage of access to high quality care and education. Woodruff Primary uses a curriculum with its four and five year old kindergarten classes that is nationally recognized as a "best practice." The curriculum, High/Scope, allows the children to learn in large and small group lessons and through "child initiated" work. Teachers work alongside children to observe and support the children's efforts.

Woodruff Primary School engages families in the education of young children through home visits and a Family Literacy Program. Teachers conduct home visits throughout the school year. The Family Literacy Program is geared toward parents with young children, who are interested in finishing their education through GED classes or other adult education programs.

Finally, Woodruff Primary is pursuing accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Woodruff Primary is a leader in promoting and encouraging quality early childhood experiences for Spartanburg County children." 

Thanks to Mrs. Erin Patterson, a Second Grade Teacher, who wrote and submittedthe nomination of WPS for the award. The award is accompanied by a $25,000 cash prize for the school.

Mary Black Foundation Community Champion