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Junior League of Spartanburg

Junior League of Spartanburg


Return four copies of this application form to:
Molly Moyer, Mini-Grants Chair
The Junior League ofSpartanburg
615 E. Main St.
Spartanburg,SC 29302

Project Title: “Activ” Learning

Target Population/Grade Level: Second Grade

Corresponding Classroom Subject(s): All Subject areas

Number of Students Involved: 100

Project Cost: $1,000.00

Project Description: 

Four second grade teachers will integrate technology in their classroom through the use of an ActivSlate. An ActivSlate is a wireless, fully integrated, notebook-sized tablet that offers the same interactive functionality as the ActivBoard, but can be used from anywhere in the classroom. This year the school district was able to complete the installation of Promethean boards in all second grade classrooms.  The teachers utilize the boards daily and find them to be a great teaching tool in their classrooms. With an ActivSlate, the teachers could move around their classrooms, guiding students and monitoring progress while using the Promethean board to deliver instruction. The ActivSlate will enhance teachers’ abilities to deliver truly interactive, engaging lessons, while providing the freedom to instruct from anywhere in the classroom. ActivSlates will allow the teachers to save instructional time that is now used waiting for students to go to and from the Promethean board. They will also promote student engagement and interaction because young children have a preference for visually presented information and the ActivSlate will help develop curiosity, problem solving and independent thinking skills. 

Goals and Objectives:

  1.  Teachers will provide more engaging and interactive lessons using the Promethean board and an ActivSlate.

  2. Teachers will provide the students with more guided practice and feedback after instruction.

  3. Students will enhance their use of technology.

  4. Every student will gain at least ten points on Measures of Academic Progress in the areas of Reading and Math.

Schedule of Activities: (Include beginning and ending dates of project)

July: Schedule professional development using the ActivSlates with district technology staff.

August: Analyze Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores of all students. 

October: Order ActivSlates and begin utilizing them in the classroom. 

October – May: Utilize ActivSlates in the classroom. Work with colleagues to develop lessons and flipcharts using the Activslates. Record anecdotal notes on students during guided practice activities. Video tape lessons of groups of children and the teacher using the ActivSlate. Watch the videotaped lessons and analyze the use of the ActivSlates.

May: Administer MAP Reading and MAP Math to all students. Analyze growth.

Proposed Evaluation Method: (How will you determine whether your objectives have been achieved, and how will you measure the success of your project?)

  1.  Growth on MAP Reading and MAP Math comparing beginning-of-the-year scores and end-of-the-year scores.

  2. Teachers will observe each other and record student engagement by observing during a lesson using the ActivSlates.

  3. Videotapes

Detailed Budget Request: (Please list each item separately with appropriate cost.)

Materials (Equipment, supplies, etc.)                         Cost

4 Promethean ActivSlates @ $250 each                    $1000.00

Proposals may incorporate matching funds raised by PTO’s, student groups, or other available community resources. Do you plan to solicit additional funds? If so, please list the sources.

Any additional costs due to taxes and shipping or price variations will be incurred by the teachers.