WPS Science Fair Winners

WPS Science Fair Winners

Woodruff Primary School Science Fair

WPS Science Fair Winners

The WPS Science Fair was held February 6th - 10th and was an opportunity for first and second grade students to show how they followed the scientific process to answer a question. There were over sixty projects entered this year. Each child’s work was displayed and judges chose a first, second, and third place winner in each of the six science categories (chemistry, biology, behavioral science, math & computer science, physics, and general science). These students were eligible to enter their projects in the Piedmont Region III Science Fair at the University of South Carolina Upstate on February 21st.

Top Row (L to R): Jackson Godfrey, Aidan Lawson, Landon Knighten

Middle Row (L to R): Gracin Quinn, Alston Waddell, Will Vaughn, Khalil Robinson, Tate Rogers,

Porter Grant, Harrison Rhodes

Bottom Row (L to R): Keller Teague, Hope Mansfield, Lila Dees, Piper Mattison, Josie Fortenberry

Not Pictured: Benjamin Martin


Behavioral Science

Piper Mattison (1st Place)

General Science

Josie Fortenberry (2nd Place), Gracin Quinn (3rd Place), Hope Mansfield (1st Place)


Landon Knighten (3rd Place), Lila Dees (1st Place), Khalil Robinson (2nd Place)




Porter Grant (1st Place), Harrison Rhodes (2nd Place), Alston Waddell (2nd Place),

Not Pictured: Benjamin Martin (2nd Place)

(*3 way tie for 2nd Place)

Math/Computer Science

Tate Rogers (2nd Place), Keller Teague (1st Place)


Jackson Godfrey (2nd Place), Aidan Lawson (1st Place), Will Vaughn (3rd Place)

2017 WPS Science Fair Overall Winner

Lila Dees